Fast Eddie’s Odessa

Welcome to Odessa, Texas ya’ll!

In West Texas we don’t like to beat around the bush, so we are just going to come out and say it. Fast Eddie’s is the best sports tavern and social club in West Texas! Fast Eddie’s is so much more than a pool hall, we are the local hang out and watering hole for all of Odessa’s finest citizens. Our unbeatable daily drink specials, awesome party atmosphere, fun weekly events and super-friendly staff make Fast Eddie’s the place to be whether it’s the weekend or a weeknight.

At Fast Eddie’s we believe every day is another occasion to celebrate (this is just a fancy way of saying, we like to party). If you are a like-minded individual (a.k.a you like to party too), host your next event or celebration right here at Fast Eddie’s. We promise that guys and gals alike will have a safe, fun, clean and awesome time!

So come on down to Fast Eddie’s, where life is meant to be good!