Fast Eddie’s Progressive 9 Ball Break Contest!

  1. $3 Entry to get in, $3 rebuys
  2. Time- 8-930, 30 min break, 10pm-1130
  3. Entry gets 3- 9 ball breaks. 9 ball counts as 2 points, all other balls count as 1 point.
  4. Any foul counts as a zero for that break (cue ball leaves table, scratch, or miscue where cue ball doesn’t hit the rack)
  5. Total score is tallied after 3 breaks, that is the score for the round.
  6. All breaks must be from the kitchen.
  7. FE adds $500 to each pot
  8. Magic rack and special set of balls required to be used.
  9. Use to keep track of scores and running pot total
  10. At 930 and 1130, time is called based on cell phone time. If someone is in the middle of a round, they are allowed to finish the round. No rounds will be started after the finish time.
  11. We will award the $500 added from petty cash the night of, and the rest will be sent to the unit the following week for pickup by the winner the following Thursday
  12. Estimated pot if 50 people per round per store play – $2250+500
  13. Every Thursday night starting at 8pm.
  14. One winner for all of FE for each pot.
  15. In case of a tie, there will be one break for each of the people that are tied. Winner take all. In case of another tie, break one at a time to determine a winner. (part of the reason for the 30 min break) Max number of ties are 3, after that, money will be split if still tied.
  16. 18 and up may play.
  17. Entrant may only use a House cue at 19oz. No break cues or personal cues allowed.
  18. Employees and Management of Fast Eddie’s/Eddys Tavern/Eddies Tavern May not participate